Dialogue with your Higher Self


This course introduces the Higher Self, which remains at Source while Aspects of it incarnate to have life time experience, to the Aspect physically present in the session. The Higher Self holds a wide range of experiences from all Aspects that have had life time experiences in different cultures and periods of time.

Your higher self is inter-dimensional within its own vibration. It is an encyclopaedia of experiences absorbed from many and varied incarnations. The Higher Self is fulfilled by good and bad experiences from life times. When all has been experienced in the Earthly plane the Higher Self may choose to be absorbed into the Divine Source from where they came from or continue their experiences on another planet or plane of existence.

This is for those who are already in communication with Spirit and should have sat for some time in development. Knowledge of grounding and protecting is essential.


This is a single session course. Each session is 60 minutes.

The course runs on:

26th January 2017 – 6.30-7.30pm

Please Note: This course is face-to-face requiring attendance at our Clearly Destiny Centre – 12 Woburn Place, London WC1H 0JL.


£15 per session


The Facilitator invites the Higher Self to give a name for themselves to be known as by the Aspect in the session and to give some relevant information about any other Aspects that are currently incarnated in this or other dimensions. 4 specific questions, provided by the Facilitator, are asked of the Higher Self by the Aspect and the answer given directly to them. An additional question may be asked by the Aspect afterwards.

‘Aspect‘ means an incarnation taken as a life time to have experiences of fulfilment.

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