Trance & Channelling – Foundation Course


Channelling is a method of communication where the medium’s vocabulary and voice are used for communication.

This Foundation course is aimed at those who have already sat in circle and have become accustomed to sitting in the power of their own energy and have built up a good working relationship with their spirit team.

Focus will be on grounding, opening and expanding the vibrational energy through the chakras.

The intention will be set to invite number one guide to move forward much more closely.

Initially a subject will be offered for number one guide to speak on.  Words, phrases and full sentences are given to the medium for them to speak.

Gradually number one guide will take over the speaking so that it become a natural blending of energies and a comfortable method of communication.

Spirit wish to speak their truth and not have their words misinterpreted.  There is much profound philosophy and teaching to be given to those who are ready to move into Light Worker mode and channelling is one those ways.


This is a 5 week course with 15 minute period of individual tuition and/or two 10 minute periods of channelling.

The course runs from 11.00am – 12.30pm on Wednesdays: 3rd May to 31st  May

Please Note: This course is a face-to-face course requiring attendance at our Clearly Destiny Centre – 12 Woburn Walk , London WC1H 0JL.


£50 for 5 weeks or £12 each for individual sessions


By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Identify methods of grounding
  • Identify chakras and which are important to channelling
  • Expand energy to blend cohesively with number one guide
  • Recognise number one guide’s energy
  • Ask security questions to confirm number one guide’s presence
  • Repeating words given by number one guide
  • Allowing number one guide to speak for themselves.
  • Reject communication with energies other than number one guide
  • Be confident sitting in a cabinet with red light conditions


You will participate in:

  • Grounding and protecting yourself
  • Follow a guided method to open and expand your chakras and energy
  • Exercises that identify number one guide and its energy
  • Be confident in blocking all energies other than number one guide
  • Be confident in allowing your mouth, voice, words to be used for communication without interference
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