The spiritual centre opened in 2013, bringing together the desire of its founders and their guides to create a space for Spiritual guidance. The name of the business was suggested by Spirit. They encouraged Tracey to put her name and Lindsley’s into an anagram program. “Clearly Destiny” was thus generated and the centre quickly became a hub for modern psychic development and energetic healing.

The retail shop provides tools and materials for Light Workers, as well as shoppers looking for meaning-filled gifts. The workshop space is host to weekly workshops, development circles, special events and courses taught by both the Founders and like-minded institutions.




Lindsley specialises in channellingLindsley Cash communication for guides, the Sitter’s Higher Self and other highly evolved Spiritual energies who wish to communicate.  After an awakening of clairvoyant abilities, she began mediumship development at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and later at the London Spiritual Mission. Her channelling became much stronger than her clairvoyance, as Spirit wanted her to allow energies to speak directly to people. Soon she began to work with a trance medium, taking their unique mediumship into churches in London and the home countries. Later Lindsley worked with Tracey, sharing a wonderful Spiritual bond, which lead them to teaching mediumship to others. It was a natural step to formalize their working relationship by creating a venue to work with Spirit, sharing their knowledge and experience with like-minded people.

Lindsey is also an accredited Spiritual Healing trainer on behalf of the Corinthian Church and Healing Association, and is attuned to Arcturian energy to give healing.



Tracey gives guidance on the past, the present and the future, channelling the wisdom of Spirit on many different issues. She also interacts with people’s guides in order to offer advice and support to aid in their development.

Born into a spiritual family with extensive psychic and clairvoyant skills, Tracey further developed at The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, The College of Psychic Studies, and through closed circles. This led to her demonstrating her gifts in different venues before joining up with Lindsley to continue her platform work in Spiritualist Churches around the greater London area. The women met when Tracey became a Spiritual Healer with the Corinthian Church and Healing Association. Together they began teaching mediumship skills since 2008.

After 10 years of personal development Tracey began to sit in an altered state and is now a Trance and Physical Medium. Tracey continues to help people develop their gifts in mediumship, channelling and trance. She works her guide, Chin Lank Woo, while in trance to provide healing. Additionally she is an Angelic Reiki Healer and qualified Crystal healer.

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