Bring Healing to the World in 2017


Everybody can heal.  Anyone that listens to the troubles of another, anyone that makes someone else feel better just by their presence, anyone who expresses empathy with another, anyone who can make someone laugh, heals.

Anyone can become a healer.  All it takes is a desire to what to help others and allowing yourself to be used a clear channel for healing to flow through.

Most spiritual healers come from a background of being involved in some form of spiritual development and feels drawn to expanding their gifts to include healing.  Healers will have already connected to their guide and spirit collective as part of their development.

Make a difference in the world by becoming a fully accredited healer. Our healing course will enable you to explore a range of different techniques to promote well-being, health and healing, culminating with you becoming a certfied healer.


  • A fully accredited and certified course meaning you will be able to obtain insurance to practice healing with the public
  • Takes place over one weekend (Saturday & Sunday) a month for 12 months starting in January 2017
  • Located in central London (very close to Euston Station at 12 Woburn Walk,WC1H 0JL)
  • Tutors are fully qualified healers with over 30 years experience
  • As a trainee you can also participate for free in other workshops and courses at Clearly Destiny for FREE e.g. ‘Meet Your Higher Self’
  • Fee: £980 – payable in £80 per month instalments by direct debit.
  • Like to discuss it with someone? Call 020 7387 0358  or email us at


This is a one year long course comprising 12 weekend sessions (one a month) starting in January 2017

The weekend sessions run from 10.00am to 4.00pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Dates of the weekends are:

16-17 September 2017

14-15 October 2017

11-12 November 2017

9-10 December 2017

13-14 January 2018

10-11 February 2018

10-11 March 2018

7-8 April 2018

12-13 May 2018

9-10 June 2018

7-8 July 2018

11-12 August 2018

Please Note: This course is face-to-face requiring attendance at our Clearly Destiny Centre – 12 Woburn Place, London WC1H 0JL for the guided tuition. Practical work can be undertaken either at Clearly Destiny, your own home or your client’s home.



A non-refundable deposit of £50 is required. 

A payment plan by direct debit is available at £85 a month


100 hours of guided teaching
6 one hour tutorials
Minimum of 16 hours practical work throughout the course

During the first 6 months, students will need a minimum of 3 case studies, although it may be helpful to have at least 6 clients.  Clients may be seen at Clearly Destiny or in another venue.

During the last 6 months, students may find their method of working changes in a variety of ways and this may be developed further according to the student’s wishes.

Also, 3 new case studies will be need plus a continuance of one of the first case studies.  Testimonials will be required by each case study client.


By the end of the guided learning period you will:

  • Have learned and practised 2 modalities of giving healing.
  • Understand the law in relation to holistic therapies.
  • Be able to answer accurately questions on good practice.
  • Learn how to create and maintain accurate confidential records.
  • Be able to observe healing using favoured methodologies.

By the end of the practical work period you will have:

  • Established a professional relationship with 3 separate clients and given them healing 4-6 times.
  • Maintained accurate confidential continuing records.
  • Obtained testimonials from these clients.
  • Explored further another modality of giving healing.


Continuous through record keeping, case studies, observations, questions, written work, practical sessions of healing.



Dialogue with Higher Self will introduce you to the part of our that remains at Source and give you some information on any other aspects of yourself that currently exist. (Worth £30)

Mindful Meditation includes breathing practice, meditation seated and walking, Yoga Nidra (Worth £30)

Observation of a Past Life (Worth £15)

Learn Phranic breathing. (Worth £20)

Be attuned to St Germaine’s Violet Flame of Protection and receive a three layered protection and clearing mandala channelled by Edwin Courtney.  (Worth £30)

Be introduced to the Archangel Realm and Archangel Meditation (Worth £30)

Be introduced and heal with the Elementals as well have the protection of the Elemental world,  (Worth £30)

It is important that trainee healers are physically and mentally healthy themselves, and where necessary seek the support of a counsellor as some personal issues may be brought to light during the course.  Students should also not partake in recreational drugs, or excessive levels of alcohol, as a participant on the course. Any student found to have kept this information from the course team will result in their expulsion from the course on review of their case.



As mediums or psychics we work closely with our No1 guide.  Attached to us as well is a group of evolved spirit beings.   This is the collective.  Collectives are made up of energies that have many different spiritual gifts which they use and share through a medium.  Depending on what the medium is doing depends on which of the collective blends their energies with them to work.  Sometimes the whole collective blends their energy together and then with the medium.  Usually, if the collective wishes to communicate, they speak with one voice.

As further development and experience occurs there maybe changes or additions to the collective.  Some additions may come from the fifth dimension.

Changes to the method of healing may also occur as additional energies are able to blend with the medium.


The method of giving spiritual healing to someone should be straightforward.  The healer is a channel or conduit for healing to be transferred from God or Source to the recipient.  Although there may be many different methods, formulas or names given to healing it all comes from Source.

Healing can be given hands on or hands off with a person. It can be sent to someone too ill or too far away to attend.  Healing can be given by two healers or more to one person.

Situations, places in nature, buildings, business to name a few things can be given healing for their highest Divine good.

What is most important in giving healing is the intention that is set at the beginning of a session and the desire of the healer to be of service.


Anyone who wants healing may receive it as there are no conditions to prevent it.   People seek healing for a wide variety of conditions and for a variety of reasons.  Some seek a miracle cure, some no longer trust patent medicine or want additional support in a diagnosed condition and some just wanting to feel the warmth of hands on them.

Permission is always required from someone who wants healing.  A person cannot request healing for someone else without their permission.  In some cases people ask for healing but in reality they do not want it and will place a barrier up to prevent the healing being effective.

Whenever a person presents with a condition it is important that they have also consulted their GP for a diagnosis.  Spiritual healing will always complement conventional medicine. 


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